Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 04

उत्तुङ्गोल्लासिनासं हरिमणिमुकुरप्रोल्लसद्गण्डपाली-
व्यालोलत्कर्णपाशाञ्चितमकरमणीकुण्डलद्वन्द्वदीप्रम् ।
प्रीतिप्रस्यन्दिमन्दस्मितमधुरतरं वक्त्रमुद्भासतां मे ॥४॥

May Thy face with a prominent and well shaped nose With the pair of shining gem ear studs In the shape of fish worn on your pretty ears, and reflected on the cheeks resembling mirrors of blue sapphire; which (face) is extremely attractive It Shines as it moves hither and thither, And with a gentle smile over flows with love .between The slightly parted red cherry lips of yours, Revealing the sparkling rows of your white teeth O Lord! May that Thy face clearly shine before me

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