Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 05

बाहुद्वन्द्वेन रत्नोज्ज्वलवलयभृता शोणपाणिप्रवाले-
नोपात्तां वेणुनाली प्रसृतनखमयूखाङ्गुलीसङ्गशाराम् ।
कृत्वा वक्त्रारविन्दे सुमधुरविकसद्रागमुद्भाव्यमानै:
शब्दब्रह्मामृतैस्त्वं शिशिरितभुवनै: सिञ्च मे कर्णवीथीम् ॥५॥

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May you cool my ears with the divine music, which cool entire worlds and which are Brahman Itself in the form of sound, Thy flute placed at the tip of Thy lotus-like mouth and held in Thy two handsadorned with jewelled bracelets and coral-red tender palms, and which The flute is multi coloured by the contact with the finger nails' rays spreading out,