Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 06

उत्सर्पत्कौस्तुभश्रीततिभिररुणितं कोमलं कण्ठदेशं
वक्ष: श्रीवत्सरम्यं तरलतरसमुद्दीप्रहारप्रतानम् ।
नानावर्णप्रसूनावलिकिसलयिनीं वन्यमालां विलोल-
ल्लोलम्बां लम्बमानामुरसि तव तथा भावये रत्नमालाम् ॥६॥

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I meditate upon Thy handsome neck coloured purple by the radiating lustre of Thy Kaustubha jewel; on Thy chest beautified by the Srivatsa sign and adorned with clusters of dazzling pearl necklaces dangling around, garlands of forest flowers and tender sprouts and bunches of multicoloured blossoms, with bees hovering around them; and, also, the necklaces of precious stones spread over Thy chest.