Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 07

अङ्गे पञ्चाङ्गरागैरतिशयविकसत्सौरभाकृष्टलोकं
लीनानेकत्रिलोकीविततिमपि कृशां बिभ्रतं मध्यवल्लीम् ।
शक्राश्मन्यस्ततप्तोज्ज्वलकनकनिभं पीतचेलं दधानं
ध्यायामो दीप्तरश्मिस्फुटमणिरशनाकिङ्किणीमण्डितं त्वां ॥७॥

We meditate upon Thee, who charms and captivates the entire world by the marvellous, spreading fragrances emanating from the five-membered unguents smeared over Thy body; We meditate on Thee who has a creeper-like slender waist in which innumerableworlds lie merged; who is attired in a yellow silk cloth which is shining like molten gold and wearing a girdle made of studded gems and with minibells on it, emmitting brilliant rays.

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