Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 08

ऊरू चारू तवोरू घनमसृणरुचौ चित्तचोरौ रमाया:
विश्वक्षोभं विशङ्क्य ध्रुवमनिशमुभौ पीतचेलावृताङ्गौ ।
आनम्राणां पुरस्तान्न्यसनधृतसमस्तार्थपालीसमुद्ग-
च्छायं जानुद्वयं च क्रमपृथुलमनोज्ञे च जङ्घे निषेवे ॥८॥

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I meditate on Thy two handsome thighs, Which are capable of stealing the mind of Lakshmi, Fearing to excite the whole world, definitely, they are always covered with yellow silk cloth. Thy two knees, are like two caskets holding all the desired objects for Thy devotees, and Who salute Thy two forelegs are beautifully tapered and fleshy.