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Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 09

मञ्जीरं मञ्जुनादैरिव पदभजनं श्रेय इत्यालपन्तं
पादाग्रं भ्रान्तिमज्जत्प्रणतजनमनोमन्दरोद्धारकूर्मम् ।
उत्तुङ्गाताम्रराजन्नखरहिमकरज्योत्स्नया चाऽश्रितानां
सन्तापध्वान्तहन्त्रीं ततिमनुकलये मङ्गलामङ्गुलीनाम् ॥९॥

I meditate on Thy anklets with their sweet sound, which, as it were, sweetly confirm the excellence of worshipping at Thy feet. And the upper part of your feet which are like a tortoise ,Which lifted the Mandara mountain lifts high, at the time of the deluge,The minds of the devotees who are getting drowned in illusion,And also I meditate on the auspicious rows of your toes, Which have slightly raised, very red and shining are like the moon light expelling the darkness of the sorrows of Thy devotees.