Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 10
योगीन्द्राणां त्वदङ्गेष्वधिकसुमधुरं मुक्तिभाजां निवासो
भक्तानां कामवर्षद्युतरुकिसलयं नाथ ते पादमूलम् ।
नित्यं चित्तस्थितं मे पवनपुरपते कृष्ण कारुण्यसिन्धो
हृत्वा निश्शेषतापान् प्रदिशतु परमानन्दसन्दोहलक्ष्मीम् ॥१०॥

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Oh God, Oh Lord of Guruvayur , Oh Krishna, Oh ocean of mercy,Let the soles of your feet which is the sweetest part of your body,To the great sages, The liberated ones reside there. They pour all the desires of their devotees, and are like the sprouts of the celestial tree. O Lord of Guruvaayur! May those feet always rest in my heart. O Ocean of Compassion! destroy all my sorrows and confer a full abundant flow of Supreme Bliss.