Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 11

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अज्ञात्वा ते महत्वं यदिह निगदितं विश्वनाथ क्षमेथा:
स्तोत्रं चैतत्सहस्रोत्तरमधिकतरं त्वत्प्रसादाय भूयात् ।
द्वेधा नारायणीयं श्रुतिषु च जनुषा स्तुत्यतावर्णनेन
स्फीतं लीलावतारैरिदमिह कुरुतामायुरारोग्यसौख्यम् ॥११॥

Oh Lord of the universe , please pardon me for what I have said here, not knowing fully Thy greatness. This hymn consists of more than a thousand verses should be blessed,by you with all your grace as this which is called Narayaneeyam,Is both about Narayana as well that which is written by Narayana, May this hymn which describes in accordance with the Vedas, Thy creative actions and Thy sportive incarnations, confer long life, good health and happiness on one and all in this world.

Om NamO Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya|
Om NamO NaaraayaNaaya|
Om NamO NamaH ||
Source:The complete Naarayaneeyam Posted by Jaishree Iyer