Upanayanam for a male will make him eligible for Sapindikaranam!
Only marriage can make a woman eligible for Sapindiakaranam.
OK let it be.
Now in your Chittappas matter
He has to be linked with his father, father's father and father's grand father only!
No need to confuse with the word Vasu, Rudra, Aditya
Whoever in the first stage is Vasu, in the second stage is Rudra and in the third stage is Aditya for that particular karta.
A same person can be in a different roopam (Vasu / Rudra / Aditya) for different kartas.
You should know or realize the meaning of the word 'roopam' which means காட்சி in Tamil.
Roopam is not the original,
One thing can be seen as something for one person and something other for some other person.
So, no need to worry about the roopam.
You have to keep the deminsed persons (names) in that order.
If a person in the middle order died later will come in to the middle order automatically.
A good vadhyar will not commit mistake as you have described
please check again.

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