Swami Sivananda & a English General - story

MASTER'S CONTROL OVER NATURE: A little incident which happened many years ago during the British reign in India, illustrates strikingly the control the Master had over Nature.

An English general came to Muni-ki-Reti to fish in the Ganges, known far and wide for its abundance of fish. Leaving his car on the roadside, the general went to the river bank with his aide. There he happened to see the Master. He greeted him by just touching his cap in a careless manner, while the Master himself bowed to him after the Indian fashion. They did not talk to each other. Then the officer threw the angling-line in a high bow into the river.

A disciple of the Master requested the officer, "Sir, the Swami implores you not to fish in this spot which is holy to us. Fish are living beings. They do not hurt us. Could it be justified to destroy their life?"

"It is not the Swami's business!" snapped the general, and threw the line again. Hours passed, but not one fish bit the hook! The general grew weary He was disappointed and astonished at the same time. As it grew dark, he gave up fishing and ordered his adjutant to return.

Suddenly, on impulse, he directed his steps towards the Master's cottage and said to him sadly, "Dear Swami, I have lived in India for a long time. I can understand the power of your will and thoughts. It is stronger than my commands and wishes. Therefore, I do not take amiss your interference in my fishing expedition. I return home with empty hands."

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