How Maha Periyava solved the case..

The industry was a partnership business. Lot of money had been pumped in and when it became sick, one of the two partners stayed out of day to day running of the factory. The other struggled to continue the business but somehow managed to pay the workers and keep the wheels moving. But, at a certain point, it became a court case. The man who was managing the show hired a lawyer. The lawyer and he, were both devotees of Maha Periyava.

The lawyer suggested that they go to Kanchi and take Periyava's blessings. But the client said he did not wish to disturb Maha Swami for such a petty materialistic thing. The lawyer was surprised and impressed and said, 'Alright, I will conduct the case. We will take His blessing only to guide us'. The client reluctantly agreed and the next morning they drove down to Kanchi. The lawyer kept the case files in the back seat and kept the door open. He said, 'If Periyava's eyes fall on it, we should take it as His blessing'. That day the mutt was crowded and they waited near the car patiently. Suddenly they heard the shishya's clearing the way for Periyava to come out. In a short while He came out and looking at the client and the lawyer, He walked straight to them. They both were frozen. Then He stopped, looked at the case files in the back seat and walked off as briskly as He had come. It took sometime for the lawyer and the client to recover from the pleasant shock and they knew they had been blessed.

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Immediately they left for their place. On reaching the house, the client was surprised to see a smiling wife. She explained that someone had come with a proposal to buy their factory. The client said, ‘but then my partner should agree for this'. She said that he had already agreed. Over the next few days the deal was finalized and both partners made much more money than they had expected. The client conducted a 'athirudra maha homam' in his village which he knew would please Maha Swamy immensely.