Rebirth theory Part 2

A New Zealand woman was reported to be suffering from the rare foreign accent syndrome with her Kiwi tones turning into a mix of Welsh, Scottish and North London accents.
Her doctor believed the change in her speech was related to the lesions but had not been able to offer much further help.
Fox is a third-generation New Zealander who has never visited the United Kingdom
“Earlier this year a woman in England began speaking with a Chinese accent after suffering a migraine.”
Is this anyway related to rebirth theory advocated by our great Sages?
What happens to a soul after it leaves the mortal body? A simple explanation would be to say that there is no soul and the body is a mere organism that lives for a prescribed period of time and then perishes. That is the end and there is no more. This view leaves no room for any other speculation and thought process. If one is of this rigid belief, read no further. However, if one agrees with all religions of the world that claim that the soul is eternal and is released from the body after death, then one can examine the different theories proposed by the different religions about the afterlife.

Eastern religions seem to be more attuned to science. .
The laws of karma and rebirth are easier to accept scientifically, if one has an open mind
If soul is considered as a form of energy, it cannot be destroyed when the body ceases to function. Energy is neither created nor destroyed but only transformed. One form of energy changes to another. Karma helps to imprint a code on the soul, similar to the genetic code on the genes.
When the body dies and the soul (energy) is released, it carries the acquired chemical code with it. As the unseen soul rises upwards, the number of positive or negative charges that are on its map determines its future course. A soul heavy with negative charge (bad karma) drifts down to the earth to be recycled (and reborn). The soul full of positive charge (good karma) ascends into the cosmos to be eternally released. Is this nirvana or moksha?
Hindu sages, at the dawn of civilization, thought of this remarkable possibility of rebirth of the soul and explained it in the Upanishads.
Is the Eastern religious belief of reincarnation more scientifically feasible? Can the soul carry the 'memory' of its deeds with it when released from the body just like the brain carries the memory of our experiences and learning?
These are profound questions but may one day be scientifically proven and accepted. The chances of such proof are more likely with the Hindu theory of rebirth and recycling of energy

To be continued