Tips to Use Toothpaste

1. In case of any insect bite or feeling burning sensation in your hand or legs, apply some paste in that place and just massage it. Pain will reduce and it will be controlled.
2. For small burns tooth paste will be applied for temporary relief and for cooling effect
3. We are using toothpaste for teeth for enamel coating. Same way, finger nails is also having enamel coating. To have shiny nails, use can apply over and corners of your nails.

4. To remove the stains in bed sheets, car seat, the toothpaste can be applied and cleaned with rough, the stains will be removed
5. Children used to draw painting in walls with crayon. This mark can be removed by cleaning with toothpaste on the crayon marks
6. . To make the silver utensils clean and shiny, a light wet cloth can be used with toothpaste to make it shiny
7. The milk bottle of the children will have some pungent smell. While cleaning, if we apply some toothpaste and clean, that smell will go.
8. To clean our eyeglasses, applying toothpaste will make it clean and also remove any scratch marks.

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