Every creature possesses a soul
''Each particle of grain Same spirit doth contain. Each leaf thou pluckiest, O gardener's dame. Hath selfsame soul in God's own name’’. Sant Kabir . Every creature, even ants, flies and mosquitoes, possesses an immortal soul, according to all the teaching of the saints. To the western people, this is an entirely new idea. The eastern people accept this. Even vegetables and food grains have souls. .
It was a beautiful summer’s day; a girl was busy digging preparing our garden for summer. She loved gardening, planting flowers and at the same time praying or chanting mantras
She was so engrossed in praying & digging, she suddenly noticed she had killed a worm. Her ecstasy faded away quickly, when I saw the worm writhing away in pain.
As tears rolled down her cheeks, she asked God for forgiveness.
God materialized, looked at her - "I am very upset, I have killed a worm,” she told him,
.......... "I don't want to do any gardening in future you do it – God, it’s not for me!”

.God replied “the prayers you were chanting while gardening have reduced
.......much of your Karma for killing the worm, and you were praying with much sincerity; worm’s soul has gone straight to heaven” Be aware with every breath you are also killing countless organism which is why you must always be focused with me:

.............. Praying with a pure heart at all times thus forgives you much Karma
..................while killing these organisms, insects and worms!
. Carry on gardening, this too is part of your Awakening, but be focused with the Divine at all times, always remember.
......................Enlightenment is certainly not an easy path!

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