Only Brahmin girls to participate in the kanya puja?"-Periyavaa

Many of you have heard about incidents about Kanchi Mahaperiavaa. There is one particular incident that I like very much and wanted to share with everyone.

One day Mahaperiavaa was camping at Calcutta during Navarathri. One of the regular visitors to the camping place was a lady who was also a disciple of Sri Rabindranath Tagore.

As the lady was not to be seen for about 3 days or so, Tagore asked her, "How come I did not see you for the last 3 days since the beginning of Navarathri?"

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The lady answered, "I have been going to get darshan of Sri Kanchi Mahaperiavaa every day and participate in the daily kanya puja".

Then Tagore asked - "Does your Mahaperiavaa allow only Brahmin girls to participate in the kanya puja?"

The lady answered - "Yes"

The Tagore said - "Looks like your Mahaperiavaa does not know the meaning of the namam " Aabrahma keeda janani" (She has created all beings from worm to Lord Brahma - namam #285) in Lalitha Sahasranamam.

The lady was heart broken to hear Tagore's words. Next day when she went to see Mahaperiavaa she sat before him and started weeping.

Mahaperiavaa immediately asked her "Did Tagore say anything wrong about me and that is why you are crying?"

The lady nodded and began to narrate what happened.

Mahaperiavaa listened patiently and then said "நீ ஒன்னுபண்ணு , Tagore கிட்ட போய் "எங்க பெரியவா அடுத்த ரெண்டு நாமமும் சேர்த்து வெச்சு வாசிக்க சொன்னார்" னு சொல்லு" (You do one thing, go to Tagore and tell him that "my Periavaa asked you to read the next two namams as well")

The lady did not understand but nevertheless went and told Tagore what Mahaperiavaa told her.

Tears started rolling down the cheeks of Tagore as the purport of Mahaperiavaa's message started to sink in.

The next two namams were:

#286 "Varnashrama vidhayini" - She who created the four fold division of society

#287 "Nijangna roopa nigama" - She who gave orders which are based on Vedas