Seemantam for my daughter-in law was performed 10 days back( 8th month). Sampanthi swamy and his wife came to accompany my daughter in law to their house for prasavam on 29-10-2012. All were ready for journey but the daughter in law felt in convenience and admitted into the hospital. On check up it was detected by the hospital that the child had developed some problem in breathing and subsequently died in the womb itself on 3o 10.2012 evening by 4 o'clock.
the child was taken out only on today 1-11-2012 to safeguard the mother by 8-45 morning. Mother is safe now and Child was buried today.

Now what to do further and how to observe theetu ?
who are all to observe theeu?
Gnathis also?
what to do at the end of theetu?
are we debarred from performing festivals for one year?
When my son has to remove his deekshai?
Pl reply Swami.
Iam a srivaishnavite belonging to Thennacharya sampardayam

Rangarajan C.