dear sir,
how are you? iam fine. i have no sons. but i have 2 daughters. my first daughter has a son and the second has 2 sons. so i decided to adopt my second daughter's eldest son. my wife also agreed. my sambandhi also agreed to it. i have made all legal arrangements to declare him as my legal heir. but i have not adopted him ritually. vadhyar says we have to perform sweekara putra datta homam. my question is what are the rituals performed in the homam? how my douhitran's gotram changes to that of my gotram? vadhyar says he doesn't have the mantra prayogam for it and has tried from all sides to get it but cant get its prayogam. sir, so i request you to provide me the mantra prayogam for that homam. iam not forcing you. if you dont have please provide me an alternative source from where i can get it.
with regards,

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