In a very big organisation many departments will be there. Like purchase dept; accounts dept. administration dept; security dept; production dept; production control dept; Inspection dept; sales dept; raw material stores; packing and forwarding dept. Research and developmdent dept; maintenance dept; industrial relation dept etc; with due required qualification each deparment heads and their assistants will be posted.

They are working for the company and the company is running with good profit. now you are asking why purchase dept is not working in inspection dept. one docter cannot go and speak like a lawyer. one Auditor cannot do surgery to a patient.

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I n the same manner this world consists of water, fire, air, land and different ratio.each. animals, trees, birds, fish, serpents etc.

To reduce the terrorism, fire, earthquake, rape, flood etc; caused by this ratio combination = negative power one gdept. called as brahmins
must do only vedas chanting ; doing yaagam etc; other dept. people like vysyas, kshathriar , shudra must do only the work assigned to them. Then only positive power will be more in the world. negative power will be lessoned.