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Your reply is not harsh. Only thing is, nowadays, performing Srardhsm is taken lightly. Fashion is that they think that feeding some peopke in orphanage is enough. That could be done in addition to performing srardham at home. Going to temples, lustening to discourses etc IS NOT THE IN THING for youn gen.
Donotknow whither we are going,scared of imagining about gen next!!
Thank you Varadarajan Sir,
I found this person is writing from fake ID
and he may not be a Brahmin I guess.
I blocked him because I expect truth from Brahmins
In the form I asked to mention
"If you are a brahmin mention it with gothram and subsect
If not a brahmin mention the reason why you are willing to join this forum,
if your reason is convincing I will approve your registration."
So, I could identify the persons from there postings and other activities
if something found fishy I will ban them immediately.
Let me come to the point:
Regarding shradham,
let them do or not,
my answers will not come as my suggestion
I could answer only what shastras says.
I well understand that I am not an authorized person to compromise with shastras and
suggest accordingly.
Also, everybody should understand there is not a single person in the world authorized to do so.

sometimes I will suggest some easy solutions but at that times I will openly say as it is my own suggestion
and not from shastras.

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