What is the significance in India of hanging lemon and chili tied to a thread outside of one's house?

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There are two reasons for this: - One is Mythological and another is scientifically. Myth logically, it is believed that goddess of misfortune, Akashi brings bad luck to the shop owner's or the business men. In order to not allowing her to enter the shops or business places either, they hang these seven chilies along with the lemon at their entrances.

According to Indian Mythology, Alakshmi likes Sour, Pungent and Hot things. That's why, Alakshmi will only come up at the door, and eating up her favorite food and satisfying her taste and leave without entering the spots.

But scientifically, the cotton thread which is used to tie the chillies and lemon absorbs the acid from the fruit while it is fresh. This keeps the pests and insects away from the shops, houses and business places. This is an effortless insecticide which came in to custom from ancient times, which misleads now as explained above as a mythological reason.

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