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Thread: Why Vaishnavas do not worship Navagragas ?

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    Default Why Vaishnavas do not worship Navagragas ?

    Why Vaishnavas do not worship Navagraha ?

    1) Vaishnava follows single god worship on Lord Maha Vishnu and pray only Vishnu and the parampara deities. Also the Nirthyasuries, Alwars and Sri Ramanujacharya like Gurus. No place for Navagrahas. Vaishna believe by praying Lord Narayana one can get Navagrahas blessings

    Sriman Narayana
    Sri Lakshmi
    Sri Vishwaksenar

    Garuda, Anjaneya

    All Alwars,

    Sri Ramanuja

    Sri Vedanta Desika

    Sri Manavala Mamunigal

    Sri Manavala Mamunigal

    2) Vaishnavas believe that bhagwan's different avataras (being 10 of them) represent the different planets in their tattwa, and thus worshiping a certain avatara innately pleases/pacifies the graha that is denoted by that avatara. Here is the list:

    1. Matsyavatara : Ketu
    2. Koormavatara: Saturn
    3. Varahavatara : Rahu
    4. Narasimhavatara: Mars
    5. Vamanavatara: Jupiter
    6. Parasuramavatara: Venus
    7. Ramavatara: Sun
    8. Krishnavatara: Moon
    9. Kalki avatara: Mercury

    Even Swami Vedanta Desikan has rendered his Sri Dashavatara Stotram on this basis. It is said that those who know their respective dasha/bhukti, if they choose the 2 devatas (avataras) responsible for controlling those planets as per the list given above, and recite their respective slokas 28 times each for 48 days, will enjoy relief from troublesome planetary periods.

    1. So given the above understanding, since the avataras themselves represent and control these planets, no external worship of the planets themselves is practiced in Vaishnavam.

    3) Vaishna believe by praying Lord Narayana one can get Navagrahas blessings

    SuryEndhu Bhouma Budha Vaakpati Kaavya souri
    SvarbhAnu kEtu dvishat parishat pradhAnaa:
    tvadhAsa dAsa charamAvati dhAsa dhAsA:
    SrI VenkatAchalapatE ! Tava SuprabhAtam

    (Meaning): Lord Of Venkatam Hills ! May this dawn be an auspicous One for You !
    The Sun , the son of Sun ( Saneeswaran) , Moon and other big fellows of the sky are actually Your servant's servant's ---servants


    Vaishnavas consider Worshiping Sri Krishna/ Sri Narayana is enough to Liberate themselves as the ultimate goal of life is Liberation from cycle of birth and death

    4) Vaishnavas also do not worship Sri Vinayaka

    What you find in Vaishnava Temples is Sri Vishwa Sena who is the commander-in-chief of the army of the Lord Sri Vishnu and the gate-keeper and "chamberlain" of Vishnu's abode Vaikuntha. Vishvaksena is worshipped before any ritual or function in some Vaishnava sects. He occupies an important place in Vaikhanasa and Sri Vaishnava temple traditions, where often temple festivals begin with his worship and procession.

    5) BG Chapter 18
    Chapter 18. Conclusion--The Perfection of Renunciation
    TEXT 66
    sarva-dharman parityajya
    mam ekam saranam vraja
    aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
    moksayisyami ma sucah

    Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.

    BG Sri Krishna Says :

    "Among the Adityas I am Vishnu"

    There is this incidence stated about the appearence of Sri Krishnavatara. As you may know, Sri Krishna's parents Devaki and Vasudeva were in the prison at the time of Sri Krishna's birth. It is said that Sri Vishnu appeared before Devaki and Vasudeva and announced that he was going to be the 8th child to grow in the womb of Devaki. Owing to the power of the lord, Devaki and Vasudeva were made to forget this incident. When Sri Krishna was born, he was born with 4 arms. Upon the request of Devaki the Supreme Lord turned Himself into an ordinary child. This shows that Sri Vishnu is Sri Krishna.

    So why you want to worship someone else.Sri Krisna, Himself, recommends mam ekam, he alone. Therefore we must do like that. If one wants to water the tree he waters the root. There is no necessity of watering the branches. The demigods are all different parts of the universal form of the Supreme Lord. But Krsna is even more than that whole complete universal form. He is the origin of that universal form. Therefore I do not encourage you to worship this demigod, Ganesa.

    Ganesh Worship? |
    Bhagavad Gita As It Is, 18: Conclusion--The Perfection of Renunciation, Text 66.

    Śrī Brahma-saḿhitā 5.50

    yat-pāda-pallava-yugaḿ vinidhāya kumbha-

    dvandve praṇāma-samaye sa gaṇādhirājaḥ

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    vighnān vihantum alam asya jagat-trayasya

    govindam ādi-puruṣaḿ tam ahaḿ bhajāmi


    The power of destroying all obstacles to mundane prosperity has been delegated to Sri Gaṇeśa who is the object of worship to those who are eligible to worship him. He has obtained a rank among the five gods as Brahmā possessing mundane quality. The self-same Gaṇeśa is a god in possession of delegated power by infusion of the divine power. All his glory rests entirely on the grace of Govinda.

    Sri Brahma-samhita Chapter 5 Verse 50

    6) No Alwar sang in praise of Lord Maha Vishnu Where as Kolaru Pathigam was composed by Thirugnyaana Sambandhar and thus Sivan temples have Navagraha Sannithis.

    7) Sri Vishnu temples are constructed based on Vaikanasa and Panjaratra Agamas. Navagraha shrine inside a SriVishnu temple is not provided in these Agamas.

    8) Many small recently constructed Visnu temples have Navagraha shrines here and there. But among 108 Divya Desam temples one temple has a separate sannadhi for Navagrahas.

    9) Sri Koodal Azhagar Perumal Temple, Madurai has this distinction!

    Sources: Yahoo answers and other sites

    ( This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights )

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