Prayer and Many Gods

The real God is in your own heart. He lives there for ever. He is your Indweller. He is your partner always. There is no friend like the Indweller. Resort to Him. Take refuge in Him. Realise Him and be free.

Prayer is talking to ultimate reality or God residing with in you. God is everything & everything is in God. God is a concept not any object. Scriptures say that there is no form or no image of God, but saints realized that it was difficult to comprehend and concentrate on some concept who has 'no form and no image'. God exists everywhere, including in our thoughts. The saints therefore concluded that using ANY FORM (picture, idol, thought or word or music) can be used to convey the prayer to God. But scriptures explicitly tells that NO single form can completely describe God. Forms of God have been developed based on natural forces, abstract objects like fear and death and lives of great men and super beings.

Source: Sage of Kanchi

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