Very Fearsome and Blissful Amman- Sri Peryachi amman-Singapore

In 1406 A.D, King Vallalan IV, the son of Rajanarayana Sambuvarayar III (1356 - 1375 AD) had been dethroned and was hiding in the jungle with his entourage. He had grown bitter and lost hope of recapturing the throne. He raided and plundered the nearby villages, and had become a bandit. His wife Kaarkuzhali, was about to deliver a baby.

Periyachi was dragged to the forest in the middle of the night to deliver the baby of Vallalan. It was a complicated delivery due to two reasons. One, it had to be done in the forest where there were no facilities. Two, Vallalan was a strong believer in astrology who believed that the baby should not touch the earth.

Periyachi performed this delivery skillfully. She put Kaarkuzhali on her lap while seated on a boulder in the forest. She delivered the baby by cutting open her abdomen (Caesarean section) and held the baby in one of her arms. At this point, both the mother and the baby were in good condition.

However, King Vallalan had other plans. He had been advised by his astrologer to kill the baby as well as anyone who touched the baby with their hands. This means that Periyachi should be killed as well. When Vallalan drew his sword out, Periyachi was enraged and showed her military prowess. She impaled his heart with a spear, and then put him under her legs to ensure his death. The wife who tried to help him, was disemboweled and Periyachi ate her intestines, in a fit of rage. During the entire time, she held the baby safely in her hand which was later brought up as her own child. She named him Seeralan.

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Periyachi became a hero for killing the bandit who was terrorizing Thondai Nadu. She was praised by people for saving the baby's life. During her lifetime, Periyachi became an icon among pregnant women. It is said that no matter what, Periyachi will ensure the safety of babies. Tamil folklore often praise her of being the best obstetrician and pediatrician.

We visited the Sri Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Singapore, in one Sanadhi Sri Peryachi amman is also blessing the Devotees

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