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Dear sirs

During sratham, mahavisnu ilai is served.

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kindly clarify the following

  • who can sit for the mahavisnu ilai?
  • can he eat along with other brahmins or only after completion of feeding of other brahmins?


dr s thiagarajan
As per Apastamba ShrAdhdha Prayogam,
1) Visvedevar : a) puroorava b) Ardhrava samkikaan
2) Pithru : a) vasu b) rudhra c) Adhithya
3) Mahavishnu

All the three persons should be placed as 'bhoktha' and the mantram is there for all the three continuously
till the end of shradhdham.

But, somehow there came a change in custom, only two swamins, 1) and 2) only placed as bhoktha
and the third (Mahavishnu) is invoked virtually and placed a leaf for bhojanam and bhojanam also served without a physical person.
This may be due to non availability of bhoktha.

So, if possible all three persons can be placed as bhoktha and given food and dhakshina equally everything for everyone.
If not possible to put three qualified persons as bhoktha, the second method can be adopted, and that is the case,
the food served in that leaf can be taken later (after completion of shradham) by anyone who is not a person from kartha's family.
Brother in law, father in law, Mother's brother, dauthter's son - Sister's son (had or to be held upanayanam)
any brahmin friend also eligible.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.

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