Who are Vanaras of the Ramayana?

Valmiki Ramayana, Bala Kanda, Chapter 17, Verse 8:

' ते तथा उक्ताः भगवता तत् प्रति श्रुत्य शासनम् |
जनयामासुः एवम् ते पुत्रान् वानर रूपिणः ||' १-१७-८

bhagavata = by Brahma; tatha uktah = thus, addressed; te = those gods; tat shashanam pratishrutya = that, order [of Brahma,] agreeing; evam vanara rupinah putraan = accordingly, monkey, in appearance, sons; janayamasuh = started to parent.

When Brahma addressed them thus, those gods have agreed to his order and accordingly started to parent sons in the semblance of monkeys. (1-17-8)

This pedigree is not yet given the label of monkeys. They are look alike of monkeys but not monkeys,' vaana rupinam' resembling monkeys, as said in the verse.

The word vanara is 'vane carati iti vanara(s) ' because they range far and wide over forests they are called vanaras, but not exactly a monkey race.

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Ramayana period is 'Homo erectus' to 'Homo sapiens transition period! and before 870,000 years ago, yes, in Treta Yuga!

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