PEACE OF MIND: How to get it ?

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"Peace of mind is a rare luxury that eludes Man in his entire life! Though man wants peace of mind, circumstances in which he is involved prevent him from enjoying it.

Mind is noted for its vacillation and travelling at a speed greater than sound and light! Man, caught in the cycle of samsara has too many problems to attend to and solve!

His attachment to his family, children and kith and kin does not allow him to have peace of mind!

The Azwar says that though the life of man is about 1oo years half of it is spent in sleeping! In the remaining period, 15 years are that of boyhood!

The rest is full of disease, hunger, senility and sorrow!! How can man be blessed with peace of Mind?

It is the MIND that is responsible for either attachment or detachment or liberation!! " Mana eva manushyanam karanam Bandha mokshayoh" say the Sasthras!!

A real attempt should be made to control the Mind though it is impossible at the outset.

Slowly but steadily it should be trained to withdraw itself from the worldly things.

It can be done by joining sathsang, meditation, reading the scriptures,and not involving oneself too much in the affairs of others!

Yoga will also be a useful tool in controlling the Mind!! " Yogah chittha vrutthi nirodhaha" Yoga can control the activity of the Mind!!

A disciplined regimen with yoga, detachment, spiritual inclination and practice shall surely bring Man the coveted prize, Peace of Mind! Contentment plays a vital part in attaining Peace of Mind!!

One who has no contentment is lost for ever Desires multiply one after the other and Man is eaten up in satisfying them and there is no end.