Mirrors cause vibration

Mirrors are an incredibly important tool in feng shui. To derive maximum benefits out of mirrors, they should be placed correctly according to feng shui rules. The right placement of mirrors using feng shui methodology can correct almost any problem..

On the other hand, a mirror when placed at a wrong location can bring bad luck and affect the quality of life.
Mirrors are helpful because they reflect energy in the form of light. Mirrors also reflect the positive energy of beautiful objects.

Depending on how you use them, mirrors can activate and deflect different energies and let you multiply different elements around your house. One example of that would be to hang a mirror where it reflects a pretty view, thus multiplying the view.

The kitchen is considered to be that area of house, which is related to wealth and success.
So, placing a mirror near the kitchen will double the image of burner, hence creating more wealth. You can also place it behind the stove in the kitchen.

Mirrors can also be a great corrector in the bathroom. It often happens that good luck goes out when the door of the bathroom is open.

To correct it you can place a big mirror outside or inside the door. It will then not allow the negative energy from entering the house through the bathroom.

The bedroom is one of the most controversial places where mirror is to be kept.
Ideally, it should be avoided here, but one of the biggest benefits of having a mirror in your bedroom is for multiplying of positive energy that comes into the room in the form of sunlight.

The mirror of the bedroom should not reflect your bed as it has a negative impact on your relationship.
A mirror placed on the corner of the bed can affect your health and also your night’s sleep.


A mirror when reflects through a window can generate good amount of positive energy throughout your room.
Mirrors can be used to light up a dark space where negative energy is in abundance.

If you have a room in your house that is above a busy area then you can place the mirror on the floor facing down to prevent the negative energy from below, enter your space.

Be positive

Make sure that whatever your mirror reflects is positive. So, you need to pay attention on what is getting reflected.
Mirrors expand and double whatever they reflect and so remember to remove all the clutter from their path.
If your mirror is reflecting a photo of you and your family having a great time on vacation, it's doubling the joy in that area of your home.

If it reflects happy moments, it vibrates happiness inside the home, but if it reflects sad moments, it increases your misery.

Mirrors can also be used to deflect negative influence away from your home.

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Mirrors kept in the porch or front portion of a Hindu house deflects/ or push back evil eyes of your visitors
When the visitor casts evil eye on your house, and when he looks at the mirror, it deflects
the effect of evil eye cast by him back to him as he looks at the mirror when he enters your home.


Also married ladies should not enter any house even with slightly disturbed kunkumam on her forehead.

By looking at the mirror, she can verify whether the Kunkumam is not disturbed and dress it again if required.

(Disturbed kunkumam on the forehead signifies the death in the family)


Please pay attention to Mirrors kept inside the home and what it reflects.
If it reflects waste boxes, or unpaid bills, it will increase your misery, un cleanliness etc
But if it reflects a Goddess of prosperity, or a photo of happy moments in your home, it will increase the happiness and blessings to your family

So inside your home, when you place a mirror pay attention to what it reflects.

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