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Dear sri nvs sir,
I am 38 years old. Iam going to participate in a aama srartham as bhokta. I want to know about the prayaschittam for me as a bhokta. I ask this question
Because each sastrigal say different prayaschittam and i got confused. Even the kartha's sastrigal doesnt know that. Nobody is there to guide me in this matter sir. Kindly answer my question swami
Dear Aravamudhar Sir,
What you mean Aama Shradham,
I think, what I understand about Aama shradham is different from that of you.
As per my Guru, Aama shradham means,
A shradham is done with uncooked foods materials.

Let it be,
Whatever it be the roopam of a shradham
the praychiththam 108 Gayathris said for Prathyathibika (yearly) shradham can be applied for this also.