periayavalai sevaippadhu

How many times should we do namaskaram ( periayavalai sevaippadhu) to elders? and How many times should we do namaskaram to God?

In Srivlaishnavas, The Thenkalai Samparadaya persons used to do Namaskaram only once. But in Vadakalai Sampradayam, they should do the namaskaram atleast four times. This is generally for any persosn to whom they offer the namaskaram. But when doing so with any Sanyasi known as Jeers, they should do the namaskaram till the Guru says stop!

In some cases it might be even for couples of time.

While worshipping the Lord God at any temple one has to do minimum four times of Namaskaram and atleast four round of praddikshanam.

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