crime and punishment.

There was a man in Gautam Buddha’s time whose name was Angulimal. He had taken a vow to cut off one thousand heads, and to take one finger from each dead person and make a garland of one thousand fingers. Angulimal means the man with the garland of one thousand fingers. He was a ferocious man. People stopped going close to him. The road that passed by the hill where he was staying was no longer being used. He had already cut off nine hundred and ninety-nine heads; he was waiting for only one more.

The road that passed by his hill was utterly empty, nobody was coming. And then Buddha came to pass. That road was the shortcut, but people were going the long way around, just to avoid Angulimal. Naturally, Buddha took the shortcut.

Angulimal shouted,”You please turn back, because only one head is missing! Perhaps you are a stranger... but looking at you, something in me says ‘Let this man go – there are many idiots, I can cut off their heads.’ Even if my mother comes here, I will cut off her head! But you please go back. Don’t come close to me – I am dangerous! Do you see my sword? It is waiting for the last head.” Gautam Buddha continued. He stepped off the road and started moving into the mountains, closer to Angulimal.

Buddha said,”It is an old tradition and convention to fulfill the last wish of a person who is going to die, and I have a very small wish. You fulfill it and then kill me.” He said,”What is your wish? Even if it is the biggest thing, I will manage it for you.”

Buddha said,”No, it is a very small thing. Just cut off a branch of the tree under which you are standing.”

Angulimal said,”What kind of thing are you asking? But okay, if that is your wish.” With his sword he cut off a branch.

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Buddha said,”Now, put it back. Let it be part of the tree again. Let it blossom again.”

Angulimal said,”That is impossible. How can I join it with the tree?”

Buddha said,”If you cannot even join a small branch to the tree, do you see the implications of it? Any child could have broken that branch off the tree, and you are a strong man – you have not done a great job. You can cut off my head, but can you manage to give me life again? And if you cannot create, what rights have you to destroy?”

There was a moment of silence. The sword fell from Angelina’s hands. He threw away that garland of nine hundred and ninety-nine fingers, and fell at Buddha’s feet. He said,”I never thought about it that destroying something – any mediocre person, any coward, any idiot can does that. The real genius is creative – you are right. Please accept me as your disciple.”

There is no crime and punishments. There is consequence for every action, how you attach yourself to the results is the determining factor.


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