Kalpavriksha is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree that is a common trope in Sanskrit literature from the earliest sources onwards – see Rig Veda (1.75; 17.26).

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A legend says Kalpavriksha ADANSONIA DIGITATA - BAOBAB) is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree .The ‘Kalpavriksha’, in ancient Hindu mythology, is the ‘wish fulfilment’ tree, which held the power to grant every wish of man. Its branches bore every kind of fruit and flower one wished for, and the apple of the tree was believed to have the virtue of conferring eternal life upon him that tasted it.

When Indra – king of the Gods – lost his kingdom, he went to Lord Vishnu, the Supreme One, for help to regain it. Lord Vishnu advised him to churn the ocean to bring out amrita (ambrosia) so that Indra and the devas could partake the amrita which would make them immortal and help them regain their lost kingdom.

Fourteen treasures came out of the ocean during the churning, the most important being Kalpavriksha - the wish-fulfilling tree, Kamadhenu - the wish-fulfilling cow, and Dhanvantari - the physician, an incarnation of Vishnu, the enemy of disease, who brought with him Ayurveda, the science of healing.

Along with the kamadhenu, or 'wish-giving cow', the kalpavriksha originated during the Samudra manthan or "churning of the milk ocean", and the King of the gods, Indra returned with it to his paradise.
kalpavriksha can figuratively refer to a source of bounty because of its ability to amply provide for human needs.

Baobab the “Chemist Tree” is a tree whose average life is more than 2500 years and is one of the trees which are traditionally used for health promoting effects. In India it is commonly known as Kalpavriksha. Kalpavriksha the wish-fulfilling divine tree.

There are other Trees called ad Kalpavriksha Tree or Wish fulfilling tree

According to the Padma Purana, this tree is the 'Parijat' - Night-flowering_Jasmine. As a result of this churning of the ocean the Paarijaat the divine flowering tree which blossoms during nights and spreads scent that never fade being one

• At Joshimath in Uttaranchal, which commemorates the residence of Adiguru Shankaracharya, there is a large, ancient bodhi tree known locally as the kalpavriksha. This tree is the Pipal / Peepal tree - Some persons refer to the Banyan tree as the Kalpavriksha.

• Some parts of India, especially coastal areas call the Coconut tree as Kalpavriksha or kalpataru because of its ability to amply provide for human needs