Why do we feel Thirsty?

Water makes up for about 70% of the body weight. So, if the water volume of the body falls below a certain threshold or the osmolyte concentration becomes too high, the brain signals thirst. You feel thirsty when the body lacks fluids or when there is an increase in the concentration of certain osmolites such as ‘salt’ in the body. Technically, it is a signal given by the body to the brain. In simple terms, it is the body’s cry or craving for water. Thus, we feel the need to drink water or any fluid when you feel thirsty. So you feel thirsty because either you are dehydrated due to the lack of consumption of water or because of the increase/imbalance of osmolytes.

The only problem arises when we don’t drink any water or fluids for long is that it leads to dehydration. So if you ignore the brain signals quench your thirst, it can lead to severe health problems. Also, when you feel thirsty, you tend to reach out for beverages like aerated drinks or sugary fruit drinks or energy drinks.

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‘Water consumption should not be confused with the number of beverages you drink in a day as it is solely plain water intake. This is because I have come across many people who when asked how much is their water intake classify it into how many litres of green tea or juices they’ve had in a day while their plain water intake is only a glass!! So make sure your average water intake is at least 34 ml/kg body weight for a healthy life.


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