Pregnancy Prayers: Mantra to conceive a boy/ Girl

‘Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.’
Elizabeth Stone

The decision of starting a family is one of the most crucial ones, and yet it comes naturally to most couples, once they are in a secure, loving relationship. Irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds, procreation is a natural human desire and parenting provides the ultimate fulfilment. However, for some this journey may have proved to be more challenging than for others, thanks to infertility.


Infertility refers to the biological inability of a couple to conceive, usually after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. In a woman, it may also be the inability to carry a pregnancy to its full term. Infertility adversely affects not just the physical life of the couple but also disturbs their social and emotional states. The medical world has come up with multiple options for dealing with various causes of infertility through options like IUI, IVF and other fertility treatments. However, alternative therapies may help to further enhance the possibility of conception. Here is a look at some of the complementary treatments, which can help you realise your dream of parenthood.

Ayurveda’s take

According to ayurveda, conception is possible due to healthy sperm, ovum, and uterus. Reproductive health is thus dependent on the ‘shukra dhatu’ or reproductive tissue. Some of the causes for infertility can be as follows:

• Increase in pitta due to consumption of hot, spicy and salty food
• Obstruction due to toxins
• Poor digestion and lack of nutrition
• Damage to the reproductive organ/tissue through infection or trauma
• Dysfunction of apana vayu (a subdivision of the vayu element)
Ayurveda suggests the following to enhance fertility and increase the chances of conception:
• Determine the constitution of both partners and treat them accordingly
• Eliminate weaknesses through tonics
• Enhance the digestive fire
• Ensure that the digestive system is relaxed
• Being loving and loved is the best solution to reduce stress and promote fertility

• Banyan tree bark, powdered and mixed with sugar in prescribed proportions can help in sperm and egg production
• Phala ghritam (medicated ghee) is also a known treatment for female infertility issues
• Ashwagandha powder in milk is a remedy used for male infertility
• Honey mixed with warm milk is also considered a potent remedy

Karma’s role

In her book, Daughter of Tibet, Rinchen Dolma Taring writes, “If a couple is not conceiving, they can consult a lama to see if it is their karma to have babies.” Many cultures believe there is a karmic reason behind every blessing or suffering. Even infertility is believed to be a result of accumulated misdeeds of a past life.
A ritualistic approach is required for spiritual healing for karmic infertility. Mantras, chants, visualisations, music, incense, and bells are some of the ingredients used in healing both psychological and physiological problems.

Musical cures

The ragas in Indian classical music are classified according to ‘prahar’ (time of the day). Ragas Malhar, Sorath, and Jaijaiwanti are helpful in reducing stress and creating a positive frame of mind that in turn prepares the physical body for the responsibility of procreation.

Mantras and chants

One of the most prescribed pujas or homams for infertility cure is the ‘Santana Gopala Homam’ where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the form of Gopala Krishna, using tulsi leaves and the Santana Gopala Yantras.

The Santana Gopala mantra:

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva Jagath Pathe Dehimey Thanayam Krishna Thwamaham Saranam Kadhahaa Deva Deva Jagannatha Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram Ayushmandham Yashashreenam

Acupressure cures

Ketan V. Shah, renowned acupressure specialist who has treated more than 70,000 patients says, “Some of the most satisfying experiences while practicing acupressure has been dealing with infertility cases.” Besides many other reasons, one of the most common causes, which he has encountered for infertility is that of acute acidity which adversely affects the longevity of the productive sperm. According to him the other possible causes include irregular and destructive lifestyle and stressful situations that can affect the sexual potency. Emotional disturbance caused by mental stress, anxiety, fear, insecurity along with excessive consumption of alcohol and even diabetes can cause impotency and infertility. Shah suggests the important acupressure points to cure infertility are that of the liver, kidney, and spleen.

The power of essences and herbs

Aromatherapy and Bach flower therapy are known as effective alternative therapies for treating infertility. Essential oils and herbs, used under the guidance of an expert, have proven successful in curing fertility issues and promoting conception.

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Some of the known essences and herbs used for fertility treatment are:

• Ginseng root
• Catnip tea
• Oils like rose, geranium, cypress and clarysage
• Chasteberries and saw palmetto berries
• She oak
Feng shui tips

The ancient Chinese practice of balancing the elements using feng shui can also provide effective tips and cures to help couples with fertility problems. Feng shui cures for fertility mainly stresses on the male unlike other fertility treatment methods, and aims to enhance the ‘descendant’s luck.’

Some of the potent feng shui cures are as follows:

• Activate the north west corner by positioning the man’s head in this direction while sleeping
• Remove any blockage at the front door
• Enhance the west sector through earth elements and metal and electronic objects
• Place a dragon on the bedside table towards the man’s side
• Place elephants in the bedroom or living room to promote pregnancy
• Display the double fish symbol in the south west direction of the bedroom
• Single piece of hollow bamboo in the north sector of the bedroom aids conception
• Red paper lanterns on either side of the bed enhance creative (procreative) energy

The path ahead While many couples are desperate to have a child, many children in this world are desperate to have loving parents too. So, if medical treatments or even alternative therapies don’t work, they must remember that not even infertility can stop them from becoming loving and supportive parents to a child who really needs a family. Just reach out with love and you shall receive the blessing of parenthood!

Pregnancy Prayers: Mantra to conceive

Devakisutam Govindam Vasudevam Jagatpatim DehimeTanayam Krishna twam-aham Sharanagatah.
Santana Gopala mantra

Children are nature’s gift for the happiness of a family. For a childless couple life is nothing more than a hell as there is nothing seems appealing and exciting without the. In fact the couple loses peace of mind and remains upset in spite of having all comforts of life if there is no child or any issue out of them.

The Santana Gopala Puja is a boon if there are complications or delay in having offspring during pregnancy. Santana Gopala Puja is highly recommended for childless couple, who wish to have a child. This puja is performed not just to beget a child but also for expecting parents to have a healthy and an intellectual child.

In this Puja, Lord Vishnu as Gopala Krishna is worshiped with tulasi leaves and is performed by employing Santhana Gopala Mantra. The Santana Gopala mantra japa is done by keeping Santana Gopala yantra. After performing this puja one will be blessed with a child, wealth, property, gain, and prosperity

The Santan Gopal Puja could be performed on any day of the week but Wednesday is considered auspicious by many people. This puja is performed not just by childless couple but also by those who already have children for their all round progress and benefit.

After Puja, homam is performed which is considered to be highly effective for those having conceiving problems and desire children. While observing a fast is optional, providing the poor with food and other grants on the Puja day is considered to be highly fruitful.

So, if you wish to enrich your Santhana Bhagya, then we offer the stepping stone for begetting a child. Have a Santhana Gopala Puja and Homa done by us, to make your way towards a happy parenthood.

Santhana Gopala Mantra

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva Jagath Pathe
Dehimey Thanayam Krishna Thwamaham Saranam Gathahaa
Deva Deva Jagannatha Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho
Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram Ayushmandham Yashashreenam

Garbarakshambigai sloka to have child :

Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam Dhevendhira piriya baamini
Vivaaha bhagyam aarogyam puthra laabham cha dhehime
Pathim dhehi sutham dhehi Soubaakyam dhehime shubhe
Soumaangalyam shubam Gnayanam Dhehime Garbarakshake
Kaathyaayini mahaamaaye Maha yoginyadhisvari
Nandhagopa sutham dhevam Pathim Megurudhe Namah

Garbhaadhaanam is one of the Samskaaras .This is now not cared by many. Some may even laugh at the mention. The pachaangams prescribe Muhurtam for this also. It is also termed ‘Sekam”.


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