Niranam Thrikkapaleeswaram Dakshinamurthy Temple - Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Niranam Thrikkapaleeswaram Dakshinamurthy Temple, is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated on the banks of the Pampa river at Niranam of Pathanamthitta District in Kerala state in India. This temple is a classic example of the Dravidian style of architecture. The temple is the abode of Dakshinamurthy (is an aspect of the Lord Shiva as a guru (teacher) of all types of knowledge). The deity of Thrikkapaleeswaram is located in main Sanctum Sanctorum facing east. According to folklore, sage Parasurama has installed the Murthi. The temple is a part of the 108 famous Shiva temples in Kerala. This is one of the three Thrikkapaleeswaram temples mentioned in 108 Shiva temples. Two other temples situated in Peralassery (Kadachira Sri Thrikkapalam Siva Temple) in Kannur district and Nadapuram (Nadapuram Iringannur Siva Temple) in Kozhikode district.


It is an ancient temple. The temple is located in the center of the Pamba River and Manimala River at Niranam.

Thrikkapaliswaran is here in the mind of the Vidya Deva Dakshinamurthy. The temple and the place were popular in the period of Niranam poets (Kannassa Kavikal). Several long periods of time had taken the forgotten time. In recent times, the famous astrologer Kanippayyur Shankaran Namboodiripad has conducted a "deva prashna" for the redevelopments of temple. One of the major attractions here is the Shiva lingam. The Shiva lingam is a unique feature and this lingam stone only seen in Himalayas. The main murthi is in the form of Kapaleeshvaran Dakshinamurthy is facing east in the main Sanctum Sanctorum.

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The temple have dedicated statues of Sapthamatha in the separate Sanctum Sanctorum which is not seen in other temple is very special. The major temples in the southern part of Sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum) are in the form of seven balikallu. There are special offerings for them in morning, noon and evening. Sapta mathas are different forms of Adi Parashakti; the deities

are Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Maheswari, Kaumari, Varahi, Indrani and Chamundi

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