Celebrate your Birthday on the Birth Star in the Solar month of Birth

Birthday is the day for enhancement of the ability of an embodied soul to imbibe chaitanya, through the benevolent frequencies gained by invoking Deities. Through this action which raises the sattva component in the atmosphere, the embodied soul achieves stability of the inner mind.

In Hinduism, birth days are not celebrated on the date of birth of the Gregorian calendar.

The sun and the moon are the time keepers.
The day when the moon comes in the same star (the same place in the sky) when the sun also was in the same constellation as at the time of birth is considered as one's birth day.

So the birthday must be celebrated on the birth star (lunar asterism) in the solar month of birth.

The yearly birth day is definitely an auspicious day for the person concerned.

According to dharma sastras,
The birth day must be celebrated every month in the 1st year of birth.

If the birth star comes on 2 days in a solar month, the second one only must be considered as birth day.

If the birth star is on 2 days ( starting from the previous day to the next day), the next day only must be considered. The sunrise coming on the day of star determines the birth day.

Even if the star is there for a few minutes in the next day, only the next day is considered as the birth day.

If the birth star is there in the next day for less than 8 minutes, only then the previous day must be considered.

If the birth star does not happen to be there at the time of sunrise on any day (previous day or the next morning), then one must celebrate it in the next solar month.

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