Theevanur Nerkuthi Vinayagar Ganapathy Temple

The Theevanur Nerkuthi Vinayagar Ganapathy Temple is located in the small city of Theevanur which lies in the district of Nerkuthi in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is a famous temple with some unique features that form the main attraction of the temple.


Long time ago, there were some shepherds who used to pick up food in the form of Paddy, from the fields. This was done with the assistance of stones. One day they found a stone that was shaped like the head of an elephant. However, they ignored it and went ahead. While returning back the next day they found that the paddy which was placed nearby the stone was all cleaned up with the husks removed. They realized the importance of the stone and tried searching for it. They searched for it and then found it in a well which spluttered bubbles; the stone was taken out carefully and then kept in a safe place. They realized that it was an important stone which would help them to get their farm work done easily. So they tied it to a tree in order to keep the stone safe. On the same day, Lord Ganesha came into the dreams of one of the villagers and proclaimed that he had actually taken the form of the stone and that if he did worship him, he would be rewarded with a prosperous life. The villager was a staunch Vaisnavite so he illustrated the story to his brother. His brother readily took up the task, built a temple and placed the stone there. Since, the stone helped in the process of pounding paddy, it was named Nerkuthi Vinayagar Ganapathy Temple


Devotees worship lord Ganesh to bless them with a prosperous and problem free life. This is perhaps the only temple where Lord Ganesha in the form of Lord Vinayaka has taken the shape of a linga. Not only this, the linga is only visible while one performs an abhiskek to the almighty lord with a pot of milk. In other cases the linga is not visible to the naked eye. This is a miraculous event since the reason behind this cannot be proved by any means There is another unique feature behind the temple ground. Three banyan trees are present there but they do not have any hanging stems in them. The three banyan trees are considered to represent the trinity lords- Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. This tree can be found only in this temple.


Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival which is held here on a very grand scale. It marks the birth day of the lord and hence the temple is decorated beautifully. Events such as songs, dances and dramas are organized every year during this festival which is then followed with a grand treat given to all the devotees. Tourists and devotees throng this place during this time of the year.

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