Hello to one and all present in this group..

I am Krishnan. I like writing and blogging. There was a time back in 2003-6 when I had a blog on yahoo 360 where all my friends used to comment. That was lost due to reasons which will be written about in my later posts..

I am posting this here specifically to avoid the situation wherein I am unceremoniously dumped out of this forum. If I am doing something wrong, kindly let me know. Even if the bulb on top of my head does not glow immediately, it will definitely light up in time and I will apologize. I also welcome the admins to edit my posts where they find seemingly inappropriate material with respect to this forum..

Having said the above.. I am here because..

I have been posting in tamilbrahmins.com for the past 4-5 years and I have now ended up here because of the following..

I had noticed that there was a user called Balacs who had been posting on the forums since June 2019 that he was a tamil brahmin from thanjavur that too of Vadamal Iyer origins. I checked his user status and noticed that it said he signed up in 2014 but no prior posts were there from him. Also he was posting things about india which were fundamentally wrong. For example, he had mentioned his mother kept turpentine oil in their medicine chest back in 1966 and his brother drank this turpentine oil and became sick. I asked him what the name of turpentine oil was in the indian language and he did not know. He had posted that he was in calcutta in 1966 when he was 9 years old and moved to thanjavur in 2005. He also posted that when his brother drank a mixture of benadryl and turpentine oil, he became sick and was treated by a doctor who only had 3 pomeranian dogs for company. When asked how his english was so good, he said its because of his teacher and that she had done an M.A. in English from Oxford and that is why his english is so good. In 1966 there was a lady with an M.A. in English from Oxford and she was teaching in a school in Calcutta was a bit too much for me to swallow. There were a lot more discrepancies in his story and therefore I reported it to the moderator of tamilbrahmins.com. This thread with these posts has now been deleted by the moderator.

But I made a mistake and shared a private chat between myself and the moderator about balacs on a thread in the forums. Because of this, the moderator said that I was too cheap to have posted it for proving a point and banned me from the forums immediately and deleted all my threads. I decided to let it go believing it was time to move on...

Even today, I would love to see proof for (in 1966)

--> Turpentine oil and its indian name.

To prove that what I am saying is true and that I had no prior problems on the forum or bad blood with the admin of tamilbrahmins.com.. Heck.. now that I have been kicked out for posting the screenshot.. why not post it here.. Here is the screenshot goodness...

Click image for larger version. 

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But the problem is.. this Balacs would not let it go.. I do not know if he is of foreign origin for sure. I mean, why would a foreigner post on a south indian forum claiming to be a brahmin of vadamal iyer origins, I am pretty sure he cannot manipulate how the common brahmin thinks through his posts.. what is he going to do? make anti-indian posts to trend online? But I do know that no one kept turpentine oil in a medicine chest in India in 1966. I too am a brahmin and was born in 1979, so I know.

The following is one of the many irritating messages that this Balacs keeps leaving on my website



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You have been thrown out of Tamilbrahmins.com
This shows you are a mental retard and a jackass. But how can I know a "Indian name" for turpentine, you congenital idiot. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I am still a Member of Tamilbrahmins.com