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My mother's srardham falls on 19th october, 2020 in the mid of navarathri (day 3). Shall we keep golu from the day 1 or we should keep it after the shardham is over? kindly advise. We are confused, as to whether the golu can be there in the same place where we perform the srardham? Or is it okay that we keep the Golu for he last three days?
Golu is not a Naimithikka (mandatory) karma, it is one of the way of doing worship to God or Goddess.
But at the same time as we are always having lot of pictures and idols of God in our house and
which we will not hide or take out at the time of shradham,
in the same way keeping Golu is not wrong or mistake if it is not disturbance for you to perform the shradham
there is a custom in many homes to keep the Golu for the last three days only.