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Trijata was a Rakshasi, daughter of Vibishana, and Ravana's niece. Ravana ordered her to guard his captive Sita, wife of Rama. Rakshasa ladies Tryakshi, Tristani, Ekapaada, Deerghajihva, Ajihava, Ekalochana were sitting around Sita and instigating Sita to marry Ravana, otherwise they may have to kill and eat her. Sita told that she never thought about another man except Rama in her mind and pleaded them to kill her to get relief from such agony. But Trijata only consoled her by telling a dream of good events for her reunion with Rama. Trijata though born in Rakshasa race has nothing of the demoniac elements in her nature, and so she is blessed with the vision of forthcoming events. Thus she declared victory to Rama and fall to Ravana, are certain to take place. She set a warning to Ravana and other Rakshasas, to keep Sita safely before some disaster overtakes them. The righteousness has well infected in Vibishana’s family through his wife Sarama and daughter Trijata