When a person becomes old, he becomes child again

Children ‘Forgive and Forget’ very easily but as the age advances, both become very difficult; and again at the fag end of one’s life, it comes back very easily.

We see small children never keep any grudge against anyone, they fight for a moment, next moment they play together forgetting .They say’ don’t talk to me’ but then they forget and talk to each other. That’s the beautiful phase of one’s life. I see my grand children do this all the time.

This quality inherent in all of us comes back to us again as the age advances.
Once we reach a level of maturity with age, we take every thing without any reaction.
That is why people say ‘when a person becomes old, he becomes child again’

God always bless those people who forgive and forget ;Forgiveness is a gift comes with maturity in age. When one realizes “Am I willing to waste my energy further on this matter?" If the answer is "No," then that's it! All is forgiven”

Old people remember all those good things done to them, but never keep in their mind any harm done to them by anyone. This is a spiritual sadhana comes with age.

What Thiruvalluvar says about this:

Inna Seitharai Orutthal AvarNaana
Nannayam Seithu Vidal

Which means, "give them the good things who given the bad things to you for the sake of letting them to feel ashamed of their activity, and then forget both , your good action as well as his bad action “

What a way we have been taught!!! We must forget both... wonderful!!

“The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness;
to an opponent, tolerance;
to a friend, your heart;
to your child, a good example;
to a father, deference;
to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;
to yourself, respect;
to all men, charity.”

The older members here, please give your feed back on this.