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Bhakti is a path to attain divine experience.
Lord Krishna explains his "vibhudhis"in Gita Chapter 10.
Bhagvan Shri Krishna on the request of Arjuna describes how he can be comprehended by his different manifestations. When we attune to these superlatives we reach the Devine experience.
When we experience these unexplainable ecstasy tears well in our eyes.
Tears are emotional outburst. Which is the result of deep involvement beyond the senses.Most researchers and psychologists believe that emotional tears—triggered by strong feelings such as joy and sadness—are unique to humans.
Extreme beauty of nature, a good painting or artistic work, poems, reach of an artist in music brings tears in my eyes. This I have experienced many times. That Italian Operatic Tenor Luciano Pavarotti takes me to shed tear without understanding a single word, similarly many musicians take us to emotional level and bring tears in our eyes.
Similar experience I pass through when I read the Alwars Pasuram and Manivasagar's poems.
These are a few who take us to Devine ecstasy !