Navaneetha means butter. Where does butter come from? It comes from the churning of the heated milk, which is curdled. Only then does it become butter. It is hidden in milk but it is not evident, even though it is there. Like butter in the milk, we too carry that Brahma principle within us. We have to prepare ourselves and churn our thoughts to bring out that great understanding of Brahma. Only then does the Jagadguru, Lord Krishna, remove the butter within us. He consumes the sin in us. He steals our darkness, which causes us to be ignorant. He appropriates the hearts of the people by taking away their untrue nature. Thus the butter comes out. Unwanted things, which block our vision and thoughts, are stolen from us. That is why Krishna is called as NAVANEETHA CHORA.

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From the
Krishna Janmashtami Speech
New Jersey 19th August 2003
Crossroads High School Theater, Dayton, NJ, USA