Pancha Kacham

The pancha kachcham (panja kacham or kacham) is a form of wearing the dhoti, typically worn by grihasthas always, but most certainly at least during performance of religious rites and wearing the "Pancha katcham" is the discipline required to be observed in the setting of religious activities.

(1) A Brahmachaari (celibate) and a Sannyaasi (ascetic) should wear
only one cloth and no upper cloth. The clothing of a Sannyaasi
should be in ochre color.

(2) A Grihasta is expected to wear an upper cloth always along with
the "Pancha katcham.

(3) No religious rites can be performed wearing a wet cloth.
When a wet cloth cannot be dried, it can be waved in air for 7 times
and then it is considered to have dried enough to equal a dry cloth.
This is called "Sapta Vaataahata"

(4) A new "Kaarigam" cotton cloth or PaTTu (Silk) Vast ram can be
worn. Both "Kaarigam" and PaTTu (Silk) are said to get polluted
(Vizhuppu) if washed with water. On the other hand used cotton
cloth that is normally considered "Vizhuppu" when coming into
contact with Sareeram becomes fit to wear (maDi) when washed and
dried up as aforesaid.

(5) Eating and drinking while wearing Kaarigam or PaTTu vastram are
said to make them polluted.