Adiyen dasan
Adiyen was talking to a friend recently, they had a child and he had invited a temple priest for punyavachanam, when explaining why he chose this priest versus other priest to whom he regularly goes for Veda adhyayanam, he mentioned that other priest goes for both apara and subha karyams meaning he also goes to devasams also, so there was reluctance to invite that priest, adiyen argued that both are auspicious rituals, as Srivaishnavas, there is nothing wrong in death being that Jeevan goes to Moksham, we have Iyal (NVS mama's explanation was beautiful) etc, so why do we need to distinguish b/w death and birth related things?
Adiyen purvikam is Thuvariman, a village near Madurai and same vadhyar is always used depending on the availability but adiyen heard that explanation above and thought can ask NVS mama
Also this is not the first time I heard about this: Some ppl mentioned dont roll food into a ball as that was done only during Devasam,
some ppl dont make thenkuzhal in normal occasions as it is a devasa bakshanam, panchakatcham shd be balanced or should extend more on right side on normal occasiosn while left leg veshti is extended for apara kainkaryam etc
Adiyen is confused
Sadham is used no matter, so why difference b/w subha karyam versus apara karyam
Adiyen's parents are still there so adiyen not sure why adiyen is even posting this question but we are also expecting a second child in 5 months, want to understand more of our rituals