Dear Mama,
I request you to please let me know if the douhitran has a duty to perform the pithrukarma for his maternal grandfather who died leaving behind only 3 daughters and no son.
My brother's sambhandi passed away about a month back. He left behind only 3 daughters one of whom is also a widow. His wife predeceased him. My nephew is the second son-in-law.
Somehow he had to do the first day and the second day funeral rites for his father-in-law due to circumstances and compulsions.
Now the first years ceremonies have be done on the prescribed dates and thereafter the annual sraddhams every year.
My nephew has only a son and no other issue. As the son has his parents alive, it was felt he should not do rites regarding cremation, etc. on the death of his maternal grandfather.
He did not therefore do that and his father had to do it for the father-in-law.
Now the question is raised by a vadhyar of my nephew's family that the douhitran, viz. my nephew's son incurred sin for not performing
a duty and that he should start doing the other first year's ceremonies. My nephew seeks my advice and I seek your guidance.
Kind Regards,
Note: As I am not sure if this is a question to come up in the group's discussions, I have copied it to you personally also, so that you can decide to put it up or not in the group's mails.

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