Dear Members of the groups I moderate :

I get a lot of questions about Vaidhika KarmAs ,
(Upanayanam, Seemantham , VivAham etc)
GrahaNams , SrArddhams etc .

I am not a fully qualified Bruhaspathy to
address these questions competently .

I would like to recommend those of you
who are interested in Vaidhika KarmAs
to becoem member of the Vaideekam
Yahoo Group managed very well by
Sriman DheevaLUr Swamy ( Sriman
Vaasu VadhyAr ) . His web site is :

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He is such an incredible practising Bruhaspathy,
who bends over backward to provide all the answers
on the Poorva and apara KarmAs . I am amazed
at the hours he spends in responding to our
questions day and night . He has honored me
to be a co-moderator of the Vaideekam groups .
I bow befroe his formal and formidable knowledge
on our ancient SampradhAyams and yet he is
tolerant enough to guide aasthikAs following
different traditions .

Please join Vaideekam group and benefit from
the links with him and the wealth of information
that he has .

NamO Veda PurushAya ,