Why the White does makes the First move in Chess always?

As late as the Mid-19th century it was not established that white always moved first.

In 1857, Lowenthal (an English Master) recommended to the First American Chess Congress that the player with the White Pieces always move first. However, this advice was not followed strictly.

In 1889, Steinitz declared a similar rule, and Lasker's Manual Of Chess (1927) states "White makes the first move". Therefore, it would be safe to say that the rule has been in force since 1927.

When two players sit down, one puts a white pawn in one hand and a black pawn in the other and holds them behind his back; he may swap them behind his back, or not. Then he holds his hands out and the other player chooses one, so they have even chances of playing White or Black. If they play several games, they switch colors each time. There is a small advantage in playing first, but skill outweighs that. At grandmaster level, white wins 52 percent of the time.


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