Apart from Bhagavath Kainkaryam, we can do some bhagavatha Kainkaryam also.
I mean,
All elders are automatically turning towards religious path in certain age.
But they are having some worries about their children's life and their own old age security.
To tackle this problem we have to do more to bring youngsters in our circle from right now
and it can be done by helping them in times.
The way of help can be like:
Referring for scholarships, referring for books, helping to purchase some important software or hardware materials,
helping to give good contacts, referring for placements etc. etc.
By doing this type of help we can get their respect and gratitude first.
Then they will definitely oblige our advices.
Also the mentality to help others in our community also will grow with them.

To do all these things in a very small manner we have to build our membership in huge level.
Because out of one thousand members one can come forward to help one boy.
If we targeted to help 100 boys a year, our membership should grow about 10,000 to achieve this.
So, first bring members of all categories poor, middle class, upper middle class, high class, out standing etc.
Please discuss more about this in our forum.

Just reading and praising the post is not enough, to show your support, should say something.
I know few of you are not convenient to type fluently, few of you don't have time to do type.
But whatever may be your problem to participate, let me know that in short, I will suggest you how to?

Few clues: Writ it down in a piece of paper (Tamil / English / Hindi / Sanscrit / Telugu) and
ask a young person of your family to scan it and send it to me through email,
I will type it for you and post.
Otherwise, just speak and record as voice mail and send it to me.