“If possible put in a good word about me to him”.

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Look at the Compassionate Sarveshwaran accepting fruit offering from Shri Balakrishna Pillai and Shri Venkatarama Iyer of Sarvodaya Sangam in 1958. Picture courtesy of periva.org.

We may have read bits and pieces of this, here is the complete version of Devar…. THE ARDENT DEVOTEE OF LORD MURUGA – AMAZING BLESSINGS BY PERIYAVAL—

“Devar was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga . He used to donate 1 out of 5 Rs Profit to a Murugan Temple. The road to Marudamalai , The Prakhaaram at Thiruchendur and the main Hall in Vadapalani Temple are all his contribution. While Shooting if he wanted the Sun he will shout at the heavens and ask his Murugan to send the Sun out, for him everything was Murugan “recalls Film Producer A.V.M.Saravanan. Director SP.Muthuraman recalls visiting his set in Vauhini Studios when they were shooting the film “Muruhan Adimai”. They had lined up a complex shot of a Peacock, a Bird that just cannot be trained , flying through a series of Doors and reaching the idol of Lord Muruga in the sanctum sanctorum. Everyone was wondering if this would ever happen when Devar stood up Prayed to Lord Muruga and said – You make it happen, I don’t care…. and asked for the Cameras to roll and the peacock to be released. The peacock flew beautifully through the four or five doors and landed at the feet of the Idol . all of us were totally amazes not just at this but at the implicit faith Devar had in God.

When The Paramacharya of Kanchi heard about Devar and the films promoting themes like “Thunaivan”, he sent word to Devar through Mr.Lakshmana Iyer of Ananda Pictures wanting to meet him. Devar was hesitant as he was shooting with MGR. When MGR heard about this he told Devar to immediately go and seek the blessings of the Sage and that he will personally supervise the Shooting of the next few days. Devar and his family rushed to Kalavai where the Paramacharya was camping. He blessed Devar and told him not to worry as Lord Muruga was the watchman in his house and the sage added “if possible put in a good word about me to him”. Devar broke down on hearing this from the Paramacharya .

One day after performing the Kandha Sashti Pooja in Thiruchendur, Devar told those around him that he has been doing this for 12 Years and the next year they will all have to carry on the tradition. Those around him were taken aback and pooh poohed these remarks. Devar used to say that he will pass away on a “sashti” (6th day of the Moon) when the Star was Vishaka, considered to be very auspicious for Muruga , in fact he used to say if it were any other date he will go up and beat Muruga. As he desired he passed away on the 8 th of September 1978 – It was Vishaka and it was a Sashti.”
Thanks a ton to Smt Usha Nagarajan who had posted this in Sage of Kanchi forum in Facebook.


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