This year masi magam falls on 25-2-2013. Maasi madham, fullmoon thithi and magam star . These three are joining on this day. The moon on this day must be in suryan's house aspecting Sun in the kumba rasi in his son's house. sun and moon are aspecting each other on this day

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SRI LALITHA(thirupura sundari)avathaaram had happened on this day.evening. We have to do pooja on lalitha vigraham or on framed picture. 16 uphachaara pooja. neivedhyam sakarai pongal.archana : lalitha ashtothram, sahasranamam, lalitha trisati. give thaamboolam atleast to 9 suvasinies.

Lalitha sahasrnamam can be chanted by all in the top floor of the house doing the aavaahanam of lalitha on the moon. or you can utter soundarya lahari or abhiraami anthathi. You will get all blessings.